Bangalore has developed into a favourite location for some of the best Middle Eastern restaurants. At Byblos we combine the best of Middle Eastern cuisine and Bangalore's reputation  for quality fresh produce presented in a stunning setting.A location where you can relax and enjoy the best of Bangalore's Middle Eastern culture and cuisine with a richness that extends back to the Phoenicians.

As the Phoenicians expanded their trading empire throughout the Middle East and across the Mediterranean  to Europe and  North Africa, they brought  back many influences  to their  cuisine. The Roman, Greek, Persian,  Assyrian,  Babylonian  and  Ottoman civilization have all influenced the Lebanese cuisine.

In  modem   times,  many  Middle  Eastern  restaurant   dishes  are internationally renowned as being Lebanese. Byblos restaurant continues these traditions in Bangalore.

Building upon  the original techniques  and  recipes of traditional Lebanese  cuisine, Byblos  offers  delicacies  from  the  simplest "Mezzah" to complex dishes of perfectly char-grilled and seasonal barbecue meats, seafood, vegetarian dishes and tantalizing desserts creating a taste that is truly Lebanese.

The menu at  Byblos restaurant  Bangalore combines  authentic Lebanese dishes with modern Mediterranean  influences to create a culinary journey for the palate and senses, with our focus on freshness we source many of our ingredients from local Bangalore markets.

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